Getting to Sunsation Beach

There are many ways of getting to Gandía and we want to give you some useful information when you are planning your trip. Which airport is best for you and how to get from the airport to the beach.

Arrival & Departure Airports

Alicante Airport

Alicante-Elche airport (airport code ALC) is the largest airport on the east coast after Barcelona-El Prat. This means that there are loads of direct flights from all over Europe. By car you reach Gandía in about 75min.

Valencia Airport

Valencia airport (airport code VLC) is the quickest way to get to Gandía if you find a direct flight. In about 10min on the metro, you’re already downtown, at the Valencia Nord central station. By car, you reach Gandía in less than an hour.


Long haul flights

For long-haul flight connections, Valencia is mostly the best final destination. Getting to Valencia usually means you’ll have to stop over at a larger European airport first. Another option is flying to Madrid or Barcelona and going by bus or train for the final stretch. Madrid usually offers the fastest connection as the high-speed train to Valencia takes you less than 2hrs, and from there, you catch a local train to Gandía.

Arrival & Departure Airports

Alicante Airport (ALC)
Alicante-Elche airport (airport code ALC) is the largest airport on the east coast after Barcelona-El Prat. This means that there are loads of direct flights from all over Europe. By car, you reach Gandía in about 75min.

Renting a Car

Our absolute recommendation! If you are 2 or more traveling together, renting a car for your whole usually costs you less than paying for a private transfer or taxi service. There are seasonal price variations, but overall prices are low outside of the summer months.

When renting a car it's important that you check the terms & conditions, as most rental companies try to sneak in extra fees and charges. Check the included kilometers and what payment options are available, having the wrong card can cost you dearly. Does your credit card´s insurance policy include a rental car insurance, it might. Lastly, if you return the car at an unmanned parking/office, ALWAYS take several photos of the parked car. This way you protect yourself from damage fraud.

Private Driver or Taxi

There are many private options for car services getting from point A to B. Which from Alicante is more or less a necessity, unless you rent a car. The cost for a taxi (1 to 4 passengers) from Alicante to Gandia starts from 155 euros and Valencia to Gandia will set you back from 100 euros.

You can register for the transfer online here. Maybe you will find some fellow passengers in our telegram forum?

Book Your Private Transfer

Sharing a Ride

Carpool forum

In our ridesharing forum on Telegram you can always look for a ride or advertise yourself as a rider. Perhaps you decided to rent a car and don't mind some company or maybe you want to get a taxi and hope to split the cost with someone. Join Telegram and have a look! 


Many of our guests and coaches have used the widely spread peer-to-peer service when going to and from the various airports. This service can be a very affordable option if you are fine with carpooling with strangers. Volleytours.com has no affiliation with Blablacar and we take no responsibility for the services offered by them. www.blablacar.es

Public Transport

Since Gandía more or less is a suburb of Valencia, public transport is very accessible. Valencia airport has its own metro station and therefore it’s super easy to get to the central station (metro stop Xátiva) and the commuter train to Gandia. There are also regular bus routes connecting the two cities. Please remember that you are going to Playa de Gandía and most trains and buses will take you to the city centre. From there you either grab a taxi or a local bus to the beach. Unfortunately Alicante and Gandía aren't as well connected so there you need to go by some sort of taxi or private transfer service, unless you simply rent a car.

Final Destination

  • Sunsation Beach: Av. Neptú, 62, Gandia
  • Bayren & SPA: Av. Neptú, 62, Gandia
  • Bayren Parc: C. de Mallorca, 19, Gandia
  • Apartments: Carrer del Clot de la Mota 23, Gandia

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