FALL 17.09 - 16.10 | SPRING 01.04 - 21.05

Spain 2022/2023

FALL 17.09 - 16.10
SPRING 01.04 - 21.05

In short Sunsation Beach means - the finest sandy beach, great courts and beach volleyball with players from all over the world, from beginners to world tour professionals. Fill your days with rewarding practices, fun tournaments and kick back at our after beach sessions with the best vibe. Travel here alone or with friends. We all share the love for beach volleyball and the curiosity to meet new wonderful people.
1st place Tourism Award 2020

1st place Tourism Award 2020

Skill Level

Beginner to tournament player


~ 50-150 per week


Free rebooking*


Tour Package Guarantee

Available Camp Dates

Although Sunsation Beach has a very large capacity, with up to 150 players each week, weeks are sold out. Here you can check the availability for the weeks you are interested in:
Fall/ Festival 2022

Week 1: 17.09 - 25.09.2022- free spots
Week 2: 25.09 - 02.10.2022- free spots
Week 3: 02.10 - 09.10.2022- free spots
Week 4: 09.10 - 16.10.2022- free spots

A Premium Beach Volleyball Camp

The best spot in Europe

A beach camp at Sunsation Beach is so much more than just a ball, a net and a coach. Right from the start we took pride in offering an exclusive beach venue our guests, from from sunrise to sunset. Today this means that no matter what package you book with us you will have access to more goodies and fun than with any other organizer. With that said, the biggest value and what motivates us the most, is to always have great vibes for you during your stay and that you travel home having met new friends. 

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Playa Gandía

Welcome Home

Just short of an hour away from Valencia we’ve found the perfect spot for beach volleyball. The nearly flat, silky smooth and bright sandy beach resembles Santa Monica Beach with its palm-lined promenade. Here you’ll find various restaurants, bars, shops and a great nightlife, especially during the weekends. Ever since the start, hundreds of players from all over the world come together, every year, on our beach arena, Sunsation Beach #homeofbeachvolleyball.

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Accommodation - Your Home in Gandía

Our accommodation options in Gandía are just a line-shot away from the beach. When staying at the hotel you can have epic sunrises as your wakeup call followed by a delicious breakfast, overlooking the beach courts, on the hotel's terrace. The apartments give you more flexibility and space to stay together with new and old friends and you have the option to cater your own food. You simply choose the type of accommodation that suits you best.


Even though we mainly hang out together on the beach, we have chosen our hotels with care. Our first choice, RH Bayren Hotel, is best in class in all respects: service, beds and food.

Holiday Apartments

Do you travel solo or in a group that wants to stay together? In our holiday apartments there is enough space to hang out and do cookouts together. You can choose to book a room for yourself or a complete apartment.

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Beach Volleyball

If you have fun you learn faster

Whether you're a beginner, hobby player or an experienced tournament player, our training program is perfect for you! We fly in top coaches, who make sure you have real fun while getting the tools to become a better player. After the "siesta" we hope that you are ready, for the daily tournament, to continue working on what we practiced in the morning.

If you just wanna play and compete that's fine too. Participate in our women's, men's or mixed tournaments with lots of other international players. Play, have fun, develop and fight for your spot at the top of the podium.

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After Beach


Activities & Adventures

When you're done playing for the day, or simply need a break from the sand, there are plenty of options for a half-day or full-day adventure. Stay and explore Gandía with its beautiful surroundings, play a padel match or why not take a trip to the provincial capital, Valencia, and watch the home team play top level La Liga football.

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Getting There

Your road to the perfect volleyball beach

Traveling to our gem on the east coast of Spain is very easy. Depending on where you are flying in from, there are direct flights to both Alicante and Valencia. The last bit from the airport is easiest to take by car. Take the opportunity to rent your own car if you travel together as it is very affordable. If you don't carry a lot of luggage, public transport to/from Valencia is also a good option. Of course we offer airport transfers from both airports if you just want to kick back and enjoy the ride.

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