Enjoy your vacation, we will take care of the rest. Current information on booking and COVID-19 regulations:
Book now, pay on arrival
As fellow travellers we understand how the past year has left most people feeling unsure about trusting the travel industry. Because of this we have decided to remove the prepayment requirement on all of our camps for the time being. As soon as the we see things normalizing we will go back to our normal terms and conditions.

What does this mean really?
It's as simple as it sounds. You book, you travel and when you arrive will we ask for you payement during your stay. This means you avoid paying for a trip that is cancelled.

Please contact us if you have any questions.
Beachvolleyball im Sonnenuntergang

Covid-19 update

Just like you and many others out there in the world, we too continue to be affected by the restrictions due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. This is a time that brings us all insecurities, concerns and all sorts of other feelings that we did not even know we could have. 

Just like you we are longing to escape to a place and time where all this wouldn't exist and we could hug and high five as many people as we could after winning, or losing, an amazing rally. Unfortunately this is not reality.

Reality is that due to heavy travel restrictions as well as covid restrictions in our destination regions and countries we were forced to cancel most of our camps and clinics in 2020, despite our bleeding efforts to make them happen in some shape or form. It has broken our hearts time and again that we can't offer you the high-level experiences you are used to receiving from us and that so many of us (still) are restricted from embracing or even seeing our loved ones.

Looking forward 2021 we are searching for the light in the tunnel and the time when we can get back in the sand under the sun with you. At the moment it looks as though we will have to continue waiting, longer than we could've ever anticipated! However, one thing is certain; as soon as restrictions are lifted we are SUPER READY to yet again offer you stunning beaches and destinations, top international coaching, unlimited tournaments and epic parties with our extended beach volleyball family from all over the world.
We are still planning to run our Spring camps, in Greece, Italy and Spain, restrictions allowing. Restrictions might be lifted again and even with a small group size your stay can be very rewarding and fun. However, we realize that words as ‘might’ will not give you a very comforting feeling as we simply can’t make any promises. The pandemic made us all realize that there are things in life that we just cannot control even if we want it really, REALLY bad. 

Therefore, let’s not focus anymore on what we can’t do or can’t control. Let’s focus on what we can do and can control. Do you know what we all still have power over? Our attitude and our effort. 

At Volleytours, we are committed to making you feel safe and secure when booking with us. No matter to which camp or event you would like to go to escape from it all, we guarantee that we will offer you a full refund or another camp as am option when we have to cancel the camp due to Covid-19. Reach out to us at any time if you have questions or concerns regarding our camps and events and we will make sure to help you out.

You know what? We will even try topping that. We will even come to you if you can't come to us. No, don’t worry, not in a scary way. Don’t call the police just yet. We will organize alternative events and mini camps to still give everyone a chance to learn and play beach volleyball together. To give you the vibe of Volleytours, but then in your country! Would you like that? Awesome! Stay tuned and follow us on social media or check our Camps & Events page every now and then. We can make it through these tough times together. That’s a promise we can make. 

Continue to Stay safe everyone!