Top Training

All of our packages are created so that you have time to simply relax and enjoy the sun for a few hours each day. The packages are an add-on to your camp pass, included in your accommodation, which gives you unlimited access to the Sunsation Beach venue. Book a private one-on-one coaching session or play a few pick-up games, if you're the player type that just can't get enough! Our practices are complemented by coaches' demos so you can see and understand the game through the eyes of the top players. Every trip also features several different tournament formats so you can test your skills in the competitive arena almost every day.


Beginner or Intermediate

  • No matter your level of play this is the coaching package for you. Our skilled coaches will work with you during 5 morning sessions and take your game to the next level. You will be teamed up with players of similar experience in group with max 6 players/coach.

Kid's Beach

  • Give your kids the chance of their life to get a kickstart in the game and to meet new friends led by our brilliant youth coaches! The package includes up to five playful sessions! All kids between 7-12 years are welcome.
  • *only available on selected weeks

Top Coaches

All your training sessions will be lead by a selection of our international top coaches in a rotating schedule so that you get to meet and learn from more than just one top coach. If you like a specific coach more we recommend you to book him or her in a private session.
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