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Fantasy Beach Open: The virtual beach volleyball championship will soon be launched in the Netherlands

Fantasy Beach Open: The virtual beach volleyball championship will soon be launched in the Netherlands

In a time when sporting events with an audience are (very) limited or do not take place at all, Volleytours and its partners focus on what is still possible. That is why they are proud to introduce the Fantasy Beach Open from December 1-6, 2020.

What is the Fantasy Beach Open?

At the Fantasy Beach Open, 16 professional beach volleyball teams (8 teams per gender) compete against each other in a virtual tournament, played on the Volleytours Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Teams play against each other, in a single out tournament, and to win the game the teams must gather as many votes as possible (from their fans). After the kick-off, all fans have 24 hours to vote for the team they want to see win the match. Lewie Lett - THE voice of international volleyball - is the commentator of the event.

Participating Men


Damen/Van der Loo

Van der Walle/Koekelkoren



Boermans/De Groot

Van der Velde/Varenhorst

Boehlé/Van Werkhoven

Participating Women





Van Driel/Van Driel


Van Iersel/Ypma


What's there to win?

The winners of the first, second and third place will receive a sponsored amount for a charity of their choice.

Why does Volleytours do this?

Volleytours aims to create a feel-good sports event in a time when corona measures limit any other form of competition. They would like to put the athletes in the spotlight during these difficult times and make a social contribution by donating the prize money to a charity selected by the winners.

When and where does it take place?

Monday November 30th is the kick-off on the social media channels of Volleytours (see Instagram and Facebook). Then every day in the evening the next round starts, after which the players have 24 hours to “play”. The winner will be announced on Sunday 6 December at 8:30 PM.