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Workers request for our camp in spain

We are looking for you!!


You are interested in spending time in Spain and on Sunsation Beach this spring for up to two months(approx. 22/3 - 24/5)? The Sunsation Spring Camp lasts 8 weeks and to continue to provide fantastic customer experiences, we need more wonderful people in our Sunsation Crew!

Or do you know someone who fits like a glove with one or more of the following positions?

- Driver who transfers our guests between the airport and venue

- Front Desk Manager for our Beach Office

- Court Manager

- DJ, who adds the perfect beach feeling for our guests with his music

- Runner, available for everything as MacGuyver

- Physiotherapist, who makes our guests fit again

- Beach Volleyball Coach, who explains to our guests the secrets of beach volleyball


Best regards and see you at the beach!!



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