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Nejc Zemljak (SLO)
Nejc Zemljak (SLO)Head Coach & Pro Player
Marvin Polte (GER)
Marvin Polte (GER)Assistant Head Coach
Martin Appelgren (SWE)
Martin Appelgren (SWE)Head Coach & Pro Player
Alexander Walkenhorst (GER)
Alexander Walkenhorst (GER)Head Coach & Pro Player
Jasmin Cull (CAN)
Jasmin Cull (CAN)Coach & Pro Player
Pia Weiand (GER)
Pia Weiand (GER)Coach & Surfer Girl
Chris Fleming (USA)
Chris Fleming (USA)Coach & Surfer Boy
Carissa Whalen (USA)
Carissa Whalen (USA)Coach & Pro Player
Tjasa Kotnik (SLO)
Tjasa Kotnik (SLO)Coach & Pro Player
Florian Schweikart (GER)
Florian Schweikart (GER)Coach & National Tour Player
Chris Gregory (ENG)
Chris Gregory (ENG)Coach & Pro Player
Issa Batrane (ENG)
Issa Batrane (ENG)Coach & Pro Player
Daniel Wernitz (GER)
Daniel Wernitz (GER)Coach & Pro Player
Simon Boman (SWE)
Simon Boman (SWE)Coach & Pro Player
David Strand (SWE)
David Strand (SWE)Founder & Event Manager
Marvin Polte (GER)
Marvin Polte (GER)Founder & Event Manager
Pau Sapiña (ESP)
Pau Sapiña (ESP)Assistant Event Manager